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5 Skin Shaving Myths, You should definitely Know

Whether you’re an amateur or you’ve been shaving for years, you’ve likely to believe a few myths about shaving that your mom might have told you. The first and highly acclaimed would be, “shaving makes your hair grow back thicker” and we know you didn’t even realize they weren’t true. If so, you might want to know five shaving myths which are definitely worth ditching and the great truth below!
MYTH #1: Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker & faster
FACT: Well, I would say is, if shaving makes hair to grow back much thicker, wouldn’t it be a great idea that bald man  should start shaving their heads constantly? This is all about perception, and in this case, it is not at all reality. Shaving makes the hair a blunt, course tip. That coarse tip might feel ‘pointy’ for a time as it grows out and making it look thicker.
MYTH #2: Fresh razor blade causes cuts than a used razor blade
FACT: Some people like to call it a clean shave for a reason. *Logic* You get a perfect shave when your razor is sharp and glides evenly & smoothly over the skin with a perfect amount of pressure. Remember, it also depends on your skin care routine too, shaving cream usage etc. The first and important thing is “a fresh blade”. Have you ever experienced that whenever you use a dull razor, it leads you get rashes, redness because of skipping, tugging and dragging. Sounds awful unhygienic, right? So it’s a great lesson for you to remember that If you’re a daily shaver, change your blade every week.
MYTH #3: While shaving, pressing too hard cause ingrown hairs
FACT: I personally face this ingrown hairs problem sometimes, thanks to my busy work schedule! Every once in a while, I try to ensure a clean shave by exfoliating the skin properly beforehand. This is the best way to get rid of those gunky dead skin cells (the great sinners) which can clog pores and lead to ingrown, not the pressure you apply. Always make sure to give your skin a great moisturizing massage to soothe the skin .
MYTH #4: Shaving with soap is fine but shave butter works awesome
FACT: Try and avoid this if you know, you get rashes afterwards. We know that soap is good for removing dirt and impurities, but did you notice that it doesn’t provide enough cushion for the razor to roll on smoothly over your skin. It’s always the best method to use a moisture-rich shave butter, which gives you a smooth and easier removal.
MYTH #5: Always shave a day before an event 
FACT: You guys always might have enough idea from my previous posts, how sensitive my skin is. If your skin is sensitive like me, I highly recommend you to shave the day before. If incase, you  are invited at a beach or pool party, in this case it’s a great idea to shave the day before so irritated skin has time to heal, otherwise it may be possible for shaved skin to be aggravated by salt water, chlorine or sunburn.
Finally the TRUTH: Shaving is good for your skin
Did you know that shaving actually provides short & long-term skin benefits. The reason is, It exfoliates the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells and smoothes the skin. And I have already empathise enough on the fresh blade, “A Fresh Blade” is key that effectively roll over the skin to remove hair and dead skin cells. A Blunt blade just does the opposite and cause too much friction and try to removing cells which are not even ready to be removed, causing irritation.
Source: Yahoo!
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