Thursday, January 2

Hottest hair trends for 2014

The new year calls for new things. Why not try a fresh hairstyle too?
Hairstylist Asgar Saboo predicts the hairstyles which will be in vogue and which ones will be out of fashion in 2014. The Britain-based stylist has suggestions for women as well as men.
For Women:
Windswept up-dos: This look is both casual and dishevelled, yet oozes subtle glamour and charm. For those who are a fan of up-dos, it is recommended letting plenty of loose locks fall around the face, when pinning hair up.
Short hair and cropped pixie cuts: Looking for a drastic change? Give yourself a cropped hair style. If you already have short hair, a great way to make cropped cut more exciting is to add layering. However, it is advised to always consider face shape and hair texture before making any dramatic change.
Braids: For those ladies who are thinking about spring and summer of next year, they can start experimenting with braids. Popular ones include the braid crown, in which a thick braid is wrapped around the crown of the head and the fishtail braid intertwining with neutral coloured ribbons, creating a fun yet sleek and subtle twist.
For Men:
Long hair: Keeping hair long will give you a chance to create numerous styles as per your wish. Static buzz cuts are no longer on trend - long hair, which can be tousled, swept to the side or slicked back in a "Great Gatsby" style is in!
Accessorise: Men can accessorise using a bandana. For those apprehensive, bandana is both masculine and casual and can work extremely well for men who are too lazy to style their hair.

Sharp fringes and varied lengths: For an edgier look, a rise in the short, sharp fringe, is often carried well and emphasised when the sides and crown of the head are cut short. Not only is this a refreshing change but it also works well for those who wish to hide a receding hairline or simply keep their foreheads covered.
Source: Yahoo!
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