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Style tip: Choose attire according to the occasion

Look your stylish and glamorous best by dressing up according to occasion, says designer Pawan Sachdeva, adding it is essential for both men and women to focus on fit, fabric and style.
From planning a night club party, to a formal lunch or a get-together with friends, one needs to choose one's attire according to occasion, feels the designer.
"To look stylish and different, try something new or add up an element which is trendy, fashionable and yet stands out. Whatever you wear, please keep in mind the three thumb rules, Fit, Fabric and Style," said Sachdeva.
"Whether one chooses sequins, metallics or the little black dress, the key is to dress for one's figure. Don't follow fashion blindly. Opt for a style that suits your body type and also in sync with the place you are going to," he added.
The suggestions and tips are as follows:
For a Night Club Party :
- Men: A nice coloured and well-fitted shirt or a V-neck t-shirt paired with Jeans look stylish. Complete the look with velvet jacket with a satin pocket square and a formal leather or suede shoes.
- Women: Add colour and sparkle to your outfit. Opt for colours like royal blue and dark pink and match them with your black tights or skirts, if you want to or just flaunt a colourful one piece dress and do not just go in for little black dress. Opt for a sequins mini for a daring look.
For outdoor occasions:
- Men: Leather trench coat paired with leather pants works well for such occasions. You can even pair them with well fitted denims and winter boots
- Women: For an outdoor party, stick to dresses with capes. You can also go in for coloured or blingy tights or leather pants and pair them with stylish sequin with leather jackets and leather boots. If you are opting for a mini dress, top it with a jewelled tone blazer.
For formal occasions:
- Men: Give a twist to your black and white tuxedo and stand out in a party. Opt for a monochromatic pattern instead of a plain black or plain white and make sure you wear a bow tie. You can also go in for a well fitted one-button suit and add a dash of colour with your tie and pocket square.
- Women: Flowy evening gowns or a well styled one-piece dress.

Source: Yahoo!
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