Friday, January 24

An easy guide to go graphic!

The new season puts the spotlight on your eyes with precisely drawn swipes of eyeliner. It's slightly tricky to apply, but once you've mastered it, you can wear it to work as well. Here's how to do it right: Before starting, know what shape you are looking for. If you are not sure, dip your liner brush into an eyeshadow and make a rough line.
Graphic eye liner
If you have small eyes, try a thin line close to the lash line. If you have big eyes, you can either draw a thick line evenly or one that gets thicker towards the outer edge of the eye. For a sharp look, use a classic liquid liner.
A liner pen is also a good option and helps achieve a straight line at one go. Gel-based liners in greys and browns are softer in appearance and do not flake. To avoid smudging, start by applying an eye primer. With a steady hand, draw a line across your top lid in a single sweep.
For cat eyes, you can go backwards-mark the point till which you want the liner to extend with a lighter coloured pencil. Then sweep the liner from the middle of the lash line towards this point. You can fill the innermost part of the lash line at the end, making it as thin as you can.
If you're applying the liner on the crease of the eye, be sure to keep your eyes closed for at least a few minutes so it does not get smudged. If you have hooded eyes, bring the line to the brow bone so that it is visible when the eyes are open. Keep a few Q-tips handy to make sure your liner remains neat and smudge-free.
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