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7 must-haves in a woman's closet

Being a woman is not easy; there are so many things we need to get right-from work to relationships and everything in between; life can get pretty daunting. But there is one thing that makes being a woman special - dressing up and looking pretty.

Helping you look your very best at all times (after all, looking good is no mean task), presenting you the seven essentials in every diva's closet.

1.    The Little Black Dress

According to Karl Lagerfeld - the head honcho of Chanel and Fendi -"One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress."  And we couldn't agree more. LBDs have come to exist as the quintessential requirement in every woman's wardrobe. You cannot call yourself a fashion diva if you do not own one. The timeless appeal of the Little Black Dress can be credited to its simplicity and elegance and of course, the sassiness and sex appeal of the colour black. Always buy an LBD that is simple and elegant. Anything that is too flashy or fashionable will lose its appeal over time. 

2.    White shirt

This one's a fashionista's favourite and every woman has to have it in her wardrobe. There are so many wonderful ways you can use a white shirt to add an interesting twist to your look. A long white shirt can even be worn as a dress, which is by the way, all the rage this season. The best thing about a white shirt is that it complements almost anything and everything-skirts, trousers, shorts or even a casual pair of jeans. You may dress up or dress down by adding the right kind of accessories to your white shirt outfit. 

3.    A pair of well fitted Jeans

A pair of well fitted jeans is every woman's right. Skirts and dresses are cool, but if it wasn't for jeans we wouldn't have discovered casual chic. They've made our life so much easier. You can always bank on that favourite pair of jeans to rescue you from a fashion cul de sac moment. However, finding the perfect fit can be quite a hassle.  A lot of hard work goes into figuring out the shape and size that flatters you the most. A little help never hurts, so here you go -

Hourglass- Mid rise, wide legged jeans will enhance your curves in the most flattering way.

Pear shaped-If you tend to be heavier in the bottom, a mid-rise pair of jeans will take away the attention from your more endowed regions and give the impression of longer legs.  Never ever go for high waisted jeans.

Apple shaped- A straight cut pair of jeans will do you good. However avoid super skinny at all costs.
Rectangle-Flared bottoms and boot cuts add the impression of curves.

Manish Malhotra layered his sheer black sari over a red metallic ghagra

4.    Day Dress/Maxi Dress/Cotton Salwar Kameez

Considering the fact that the weather in India is largely hot and humid, a day dress or a cotton salwar kameez would be the perfect choice to beat the sweltering heat. Choose one in fun and bold prints. While a short day dress may be an awesome choice for those with a killer pair of legs, the more curvy ladies can always sashay in a stylish maxi dress. 

5.    Any occasion top/Kurta

What do you wear when you don't know what to wear? That's a question that haunts many a woman. A top that can be dressed up or down with the help of accessories for a formal or informal look can solve the problem. From the edgy graphic T-shirts to the more feminine sweetheart neck, halters, off shouldered-there is a lot to choose from. But the big question is-will it suit your body type? 

For e.g. a scoop neck top would look best on a pear shaped body type, while a V neck suits apple shaped ladies. However, there are a lot of other things that should be considered, like the face shape and the neck length. The next time you go shopping look for a top that flatters your body and can be used both for formal and informal occasions.  

6.    Pumps

Pump up your fashion quotient with a stylish pair of black pumps. You can go for whichever colour you like, but black is perhaps more versatile and looks sexier. You can never go wrong with them-formal or informal, pumps are a sure shot way to create an impression and make heads turn. 

7.    Statement Jewellery

High on impact, you can jazz up an otherwise boring outfit with statement jewellery. A choker or a collar necklace when paired with a simple outfit in monochrome colour looks edgy and elegant at the same time. However, there is a simple rule of wearing statement jewellery- it's a sin to go heavy on statement jewellery. Wearing too many pieces together will only kill your look and you'd look more like a fashion outcast than a fashion diva. 

Adorn your wardrobe with these fashion staples and live a fashionable life. Three cheers to womanhood!

P.S - Since the weather in India is ever changing, you would need to add more to the list. For instance-a cashmere sweater, trench coat and a pair of boots become important in the winter season and monsoons are the time for flip flops and crocs. But that shouldn't be a problem, as we women always have room for more in our closets. Don't we?

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