Friday, January 24

Yoga for Firm Upper Arms

Yoga, when practised diligently and regularly, is a great way to get the lean and mean look, we all know. Yoga helps in not only cutting the flab, regularising your body's mechanisms, improving your metabolism and helping you achieve long-lasting results where your fitness and well-being are concerned, it has no equal when it comes to the toning of your body to help you achieve a flexible, limber body with a never-ending supply of stamina.
But can Yoga help in battling the dreaded arm flab, also referred to indelicately as batwings? Turns out, yes, it can.
Here's a video on the upper body workout as performed by Yoga experts for enviably toned shoulders and arms. A word of caution, though - before you begin any exercise routine, please take your personal trainer or a fitness expert's advice on what is best for your body.

Source: Yahoo!
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