Wednesday, July 28

Iowa Lake Delhi dam bursts – catastrophic failure

The Lake Delhi
dam in eastern Iowa has failed today causing massive flooding in local communities and forcing residents to evacuate. The dam is around 45 miles east of Cedar Rapids and suffered the catastrophic failure after huge amounts of rain.

Gov. Chet Culver told CNN that almost 10 inches of rain fell over a 12-hour period and the dam couldn’t hold. Jim Flansberg, Gov. Culver’s communications director told CNN that the roads on either side of the dam had given way, according to A 30 foot wide gap in the berm alongside the dam was reported by the National Weather Service.

Water is gushing from behind the dam to the Maquoketa River beneath and homes are engulfed by the flood waters. In Hopkinton, 700 people had only 5 minutes to flee their homes after evacuation sirens sounded at 1 pm. Governor Culver’s office said that the National Guard are being sent in to help out and disaster proclamations have been issued for Delaware and Jones counties.

Thankfully so far, there are no reported injuries. For more on this go to Are you in an area affected by the flooding? If so we’d be interested to hear your experiences so please do send us in a comment.

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